Route 6 Day Twelve

After a long night of exploring and watching unsupervised kids run wild all over the Park we got some sleep, and had Breakfast at the Beach Club NEXT to where Doris Day sang. Great trip, but good to be home again. The house seems HUGE after living in the MoHo for 2 weeks. And my car seems like it SHRANK. 

Quotes from the trip: 

  • Craig:  “Too small to live in, but I didn’t say anything about being level”
  • Diane: “Hey hey You you get offa my cord:
  • Diane B: “Hurry up Dave, We ar going to be last”
  • “He’s Lenny-Eddie what’s his name”
  • Dave B: “I want Air Conditioning”
  • Scooby: “Don’t mess with my puppy!”

List Of Stuff to do to the MoHo: 

  • Drop the exhaust and replace the gaskets (Done 6-20)
  • Have exhaust made  – Done
  • Change Oil and Filter – Done
  • Get better folding chairs

Hold Hands, you Love Birds

Route 6 Day Eleven

June 13th, Happy 12th Anniversary to Beth and Me! Diane made us Breakfast and We made Biscuits and Gravy in the MoHo.

Breakfast of Champions

Our Friends were there, in spirit! MMMMMMM! GRAVY!

 Open House at Conneaut Lake. Rain early on, but it cleared later. They had a MDA bike run that ended up at the Park, so that gave us a few more attendees. 

A pretty spot on the lake.

We just plugged into the Toboggan ride!

We wanted to try some rides, the bumper cars especially, we asked a helpful Carny what time the rides open, “what time is it now?” he replied. We told him it was noon, and asked him again what time things open. “what time is it now?” He AGAIN replied. Eventually he said they opened at 1PM, the same time our openhouse started. We asked another carnival worker what time they closed, and she said “9:30 or 10” so we thought we had lots of time later.

But not so! everything closed at 6, so we explored and made our own fun, but didn’t get on any REAL rides!

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Route 6 Day Ten

Day Ten! Hard to believe We are on our way to the final stop before we head home. 127 miles Port Allegeny to Conneaut Lake Park. Big Mountains again, but mostly down this time. Bob boiled his trans fluid, we left him behind to cool down, and he caught us up at the Lake.

It’s a scenic old amusement park that the former owned deeded to the county before he was convicted of tax evasion. It was a sight in it’s day, but right now it looks like a great place to film a horror movie.

We had dinner on the Park Trustees, who unfortunatly didnt know much about the history of the park, other than Doris Day sang in the room We were eating in.

Route 6 Day Nine

Well today we have the best Open House of the entire trip!  We must have had at least 300 people today. Partly due to the Mayors enthusiasm over having us, and partly because we had the BEST weather today, clear, warm and sunny. So sunny that i got a bit burned.

Us and Mayor Tom Wierbowski of Mansfield.

I think Craig and I make Dianes Rig look good! Did you see it on "Pickers"?

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We left right after the open house, because its a 256! mile ride back west to Conneaut Lake. We drove 75 miles back to Port Allegheny staying at that nice campground again.  We had our only Sit-Down dinner all together where they had nice large portions of fish!

Route 6 day Eight

Today we go 35 miles from Galeton to Mansfield for the farthest east town we will visit. 35 miles, sounds simple, and it would be if it was FLAT! but nothing is flat here.

So we got up early, dumped at the park (no NOT in the Town Well) and lined up for the Caravan.

No Photoshop! it really looks like this!

We stopped in Wellsburo, to have a quick look at the town, and THEIR old Diner. The town even provided an abandoned Gas Station for us to park in.

Illegal parking at it's finest

We got to the Masfield city park, Where the first ever electrically illuminated night Football game was played (look it up). The Mayor himself cooked and served us dinner and then we all posed for this nifty group picture. We made it, our farthest easterly stop!

Happy Campers!

Route 6 Day Seven (updated)

Rain Rain Rain!

We had a great breakfast at the Brick House, very cool converted old Dr’s office that closed in 1946. 

We had rain all moring so Diane took us out exploring and we almost drove to Mansfield, our next stop. We got back a little late for the open house, (double secret probation) but people didn’t really turn up until later when the rain stopped, then we had a good turn out.

Foggy Start to the Open House

Then burgers at the Wonder Bar, with all our new and old friends!

Wonder Bar Rules

Friends and Family at the Wonder Bar

Don't be a VIP at "The Wonder Bar"

Route 6 day Six (updated)

Revcon by the Diner

Packed up today to make the 33 mile trek (over one of those mountain things I mentioned) to Galeton. Or as the locals call it “Gelton”

Stopped at a very cool diner, on the way out of Port Allegheny. Everyone ate, then off down the road again!

Newell VS Revcon

Pinky went off his diet

We passed a place in town called “The Wonder Bar” Lookes like our kinda place. We will have to go exploring later…


Had some 11% grades during this leg.  Pulled into the park in Galeton, what a Norman Rockwell Town, surrounded by Mountians, it looks surreal.

Like a postcard

Great dinner catered by folks from the town. We really feel welcome here, what a spot!

Route 6 day Five (updated)

We had two open houses today, an early one for the people at the campground, and a later one for the people of the town. We had a pretty heavy turn-out with lots of friendly folks, curious about our rigs.  


Beth Holds Court

We had to set up the movie equipment, so we had Chicken Kiev and noodles, cooked in the MoHo, and served on the dash!

Dinner on the Dash

We then showed the “Long, Long Trailer” in the “Par-villion”

Route 6 Day Four (Updated)

Last night we had endless hard rain, flash floods and Tornado Sirens to wake us up! 

We are all hooking up to move on to the next stop. 

Time to say goodbye to new friends, like “Son of Shack”  

John and Dot's New Friend "Son of Shack"  

Rain means wet Campsites, And we all had a little trouble making it out. First Bert and Dot got stuck trying to pull forward to dump, We tried to rock him out, but that didnt work at all. 

Bert digs to China

So John to the rescue, he would use The Shack to gently pull Bert out, but as he backed off the gravel… 


So Diane ran up to the office and got a tractor… 

And got her Dad pulled out. 

The Brookdale Canal

Once The Shack was clear they got Bert out. 

More ruts

Even the Mighty Revcon had i bit of trouble pulling out! 

Beth shows off her tracks

Once we all got onto firm ground off we went. 110 miles to the City of Port Allegany where they were having a show in the town square just for us. On the way we stopped at the Dam. 

Pulling up the Mountain

Lots of run-off from all the rain the night before


Awwww! Nice Dam photo!



The a quick stop in Smythport, so everyone could regroup… 

Beth finds her namesake

Then we had fun at the show.. 

Show in the town square

Then off to Moe’s for a burger! 

Breat food and Onion Rings

Three Amigos!

Then 11 miles down the road to Port Allegany Campground, a very nice friendly place.  We will settle in tonight and have our second Open House tomorrow.

Route 6 Day Three (Updated)

Forrest by the Banner

First Open House:

Not much to report on day three. Diane was kind enough to shuttle us into town a few times for provisions before and after the open house. I thought the public that came to walk through the units were a little less friendly then usual, and for a weekend the attendance didnt seem to be very much, i mean if you subtract out the people that were already guests at the campground.

Open House

Open House

Open House


Later on we found out that Forrest had been approached by people when he was in town asking why TCT was CHARGING ADMISSION to look at the old trailers. He let them know that we NEVER charge admission. They told him that they had seen in the local paper that we were charging $4 per adult. It’s true, We later found out. The campground was charging spectators to enter the campground, totally without our knowledge. She told us that she was happy to host us, and comp us one nights stay, in return for the publicity for her campground, and the draw we would be, bringing local folks in to see the campground. She never mentioned charging. We also found out that the rate she charged us for the one day she didnt comp was higher than what others were paying.

So a bit of a sour taste from day three, but a lesson learned for all of us.