Route 6 Day Two (Updated)


Route 6 Day Two:

Sitting here in the Revcon, fresh from a hot, hot shower, sipping on a delicious Gin and Tonic (see a theme here yet?)

Well Diane caught back up to us today, so we had 6 rigs making our leg 2 of the journey 99 miles from Brady’s Leap Plaza to Brookdale Family Campground . Sounds rather simple, right? But they have these things here in Pennsylvania they don’t have back in Michigan, they have a word for them…. Mountains! apparently the Revcon likes to go up them at about 35 mph but down them a LOT faster! I had one hand on the wheel, and one yanking the shifter into 2nd gear a couple of times, and from what I hear these are foot-hills compared to what is to come… No worries, We are running fine.

Following 6

Meadville in sight!

I can’t repair the temp gauge, it is mechanical, not electric. It will have to be replaced. I am debating doing it out here or waiting until I get home, still a week of  left 500 miles out and back, I would like to know how hot it is getting, maybe……

Our home for the next two days

The park is very very nice, spotless, and our hosts have been amazing. (NOT so amazing, see next post).They and the folks from the visitors bureau arranged for an Amish family to take us into their home tonight for dinner, and it was OUTSTANDING! A real once in a lifetime experience.

Relaxing and Laughing

More photos when i can get a decent signal! Most of our phones do not work out here at all.

Solving more important issues...

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