Route 6 Day Four (Updated)

Last night we had endless hard rain, flash floods and Tornado Sirens to wake us up! 

We are all hooking up to move on to the next stop. 

Time to say goodbye to new friends, like “Son of Shack”  

John and Dot's New Friend "Son of Shack"  

Rain means wet Campsites, And we all had a little trouble making it out. First Bert and Dot got stuck trying to pull forward to dump, We tried to rock him out, but that didnt work at all. 

Bert digs to China

So John to the rescue, he would use The Shack to gently pull Bert out, but as he backed off the gravel… 


So Diane ran up to the office and got a tractor… 

And got her Dad pulled out. 

The Brookdale Canal

Once The Shack was clear they got Bert out. 

More ruts

Even the Mighty Revcon had i bit of trouble pulling out! 

Beth shows off her tracks

Once we all got onto firm ground off we went. 110 miles to the City of Port Allegany where they were having a show in the town square just for us. On the way we stopped at the Dam. 

Pulling up the Mountain

Lots of run-off from all the rain the night before


Awwww! Nice Dam photo!



The a quick stop in Smythport, so everyone could regroup… 

Beth finds her namesake

Then we had fun at the show.. 

Show in the town square

Then off to Moe’s for a burger! 

Breat food and Onion Rings

Three Amigos!

Then 11 miles down the road to Port Allegany Campground, a very nice friendly place.  We will settle in tonight and have our second Open House tomorrow.

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