Route 6 Day Three (Updated)

Forrest by the Banner

First Open House:

Not much to report on day three. Diane was kind enough to shuttle us into town a few times for provisions before and after the open house. I thought the public that came to walk through the units were a little less friendly then usual, and for a weekend the attendance didnt seem to be very much, i mean if you subtract out the people that were already guests at the campground.

Open House

Open House

Open House


Later on we found out that Forrest had been approached by people when he was in town asking why TCT was CHARGING ADMISSION to look at the old trailers. He let them know that we NEVER charge admission. They told him that they had seen in the local paper that we were charging $4 per adult. It’s true, We later found out. The campground was charging spectators to enter the campground, totally without our knowledge. She told us that she was happy to host us, and comp us one nights stay, in return for the publicity for her campground, and the draw we would be, bringing local folks in to see the campground. She never mentioned charging. We also found out that the rate she charged us for the one day she didnt comp was higher than what others were paying.

So a bit of a sour taste from day three, but a lesson learned for all of us.

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