Route 6 day Six (updated)

Revcon by the Diner

Packed up today to make the 33 mile trek (over one of those mountain things I mentioned) to Galeton. Or as the locals call it “Gelton”

Stopped at a very cool diner, on the way out of Port Allegheny. Everyone ate, then off down the road again!

Newell VS Revcon

Pinky went off his diet

We passed a place in town called “The Wonder Bar” Lookes like our kinda place. We will have to go exploring later…


Had some 11% grades during this leg.  Pulled into the park in Galeton, what a Norman Rockwell Town, surrounded by Mountians, it looks surreal.

Like a postcard

Great dinner catered by folks from the town. We really feel welcome here, what a spot!

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