Route 6 day Eight

Today we go 35 miles from Galeton to Mansfield for the farthest east town we will visit. 35 miles, sounds simple, and it would be if it was FLAT! but nothing is flat here.

So we got up early, dumped at the park (no NOT in the Town Well) and lined up for the Caravan.

No Photoshop! it really looks like this!

We stopped in Wellsburo, to have a quick look at the town, and THEIR old Diner. The town even provided an abandoned Gas Station for us to park in.

Illegal parking at it's finest

We got to the Masfield city park, Where the first ever electrically illuminated night Football game was played (look it up). The Mayor himself cooked and served us dinner and then we all posed for this nifty group picture. We made it, our farthest easterly stop!

Happy Campers!

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