Route 6 Day Twelve

After a long night of exploring and watching unsupervised kids run wild all over the Park we got some sleep, and had Breakfast at the Beach Club NEXT to where Doris Day sang. Great trip, but good to be home again. The house seems HUGE after living in the MoHo for 2 weeks. And my car seems like it SHRANK. 

Quotes from the trip: 

  • Craig:  “Too small to live in, but I didn’t say anything about being level”
  • Diane: “Hey hey You you get offa my cord:
  • Diane B: “Hurry up Dave, We ar going to be last”
  • “He’s Lenny-Eddie what’s his name”
  • Dave B: “I want Air Conditioning”
  • Scooby: “Don’t mess with my puppy!”

List Of Stuff to do to the MoHo: 

  • Drop the exhaust and replace the gaskets (Done 6-20)
  • Have exhaust made  – Done
  • Change Oil and Filter – Done
  • Get better folding chairs

Hold Hands, you Love Birds

2 thoughts on “Route 6 Day Twelve

  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date Kirk. We have that same feeling about our “spacious” house after spending time in the Spartan. Can’t wait to hear more when we see you in person. What a special way to spend your anniversary morning. Breakfast by Diane. And Happy Birthday to Beth!!!

  2. Is it wrong that I am having some guilt here??? I remember a quote from a certain driveway. “If it were us there’s no way, BUT you’re mechanically inclined Kirkus”…

    I don’t think any of us were intending for you to have to be THIS mechanically inclined.

    The lesson here is, Never trust a sasquash… or her little dwarf…

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