Das Bike Projekt: Begining the Tear-Down.

nothing out of place, or so i thought……….

So I have bought every book I could get my hand on, /2 books, /5 books…. read every web forum, every fan site, researched and researched, and then made plans about what i KNEW i needed to do and what ORDER to do things in, and began to order a few parts, so its’s time to start turning wrenches.

I had no spark, so I started looking at the coils.  After seeing the condition of these wires i decided to order a /2 main wireing harness, and a /5 Engine harness. I will have to mate the 2 together.  Then I decided to tackle the heads, and the guides that the previous owner said needed replacing. I even bought special tools to drive the old guides out, but once i found out the guides were different oversizes! I farmed the job out to Capitol Cycle. Smartest thing I have done so far!

The “BEFORE” head pictures. I started to to the guides myself, until i found out one side was drilled first oversize already.

one guide out, new guide fell THROUGH the hole! this head had been machined first oversize.

All done! Thank you Capitol Cycle!

All new springs and guides

All new Valves and Seats

Hardened seats, Unleaded fuel will not be a problem!

Next Chapter: Engine Teardown/Electrical Nightmare……



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