Das Bike Projekt: Delivery

The guy brought it up from ohio. A 1966 R69S with an R75 motor, as advertised. There were some other parts, some old tires and stuff that I didnt want that were missing, but it wasn’t anything I needed. He tried to sell me a used electronic ignition for the bike, but i didnt know what i was going to do with the ignition yet, and used aftermarket electronics scare me, so i declined. We sat and did the deal over at the secure-undisclosed workshop, he told me more about his career, and the fun he had when the bike ran, I picked his brain for every technical tidbit i could think of. The problems he remembered when he put the bike up in 1980 were bad brakes, slipping clutch, clunky transmission…. I looked over the parts in the boxes he brought and found a set of valve guides and asked why he bought those? “oh yea the top end was getting a little noisey”.  I found out he called the bike “Black Max”. Interesting stuff! So here is what it looked like on delivery day!

Up next: What do we find as we tear it apart?


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