Das Bike Projekt: Ducati Charging System

The original charging system is more than a bit out-dated, even when in good repair, so I opted to replace it .
Higher output, and no diode board, or brushes to replace.  The mechanical install was very simple, here are a few images…

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5 thoughts on “Das Bike Projekt: Ducati Charging System

  1. Just curious:
    It looks like a mix of an EME (Euro Motoelectrics) stator and mounting adapter rings (front and back – 105mm for your /5, as opposed to the later, 107mm, like both of my Airheads) in combination with an original (permanent magnet) Duc rotor;
    Where did you find the center adapter for the rotor? (the Duc rotors appear to have a straight bore with key slot, and the Beemers have a a tapered crankshaft nose)
    Did you pull this off of a Duc?
    (gets me wonderin’ if Guzzi had a compatible permanent magnet setup – they originally used the BMW/Bosch generator)
    Finding a crashed Duc or Guzzi shouldn’t be a problem over here in Europe… could maybe save a few buck on the EME $500 price tag (and 12V electrics is my gig 😉

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