Das Bike Projekt: Big Tank

A popular accessory on the /2 bikes is the BIG tank. I kind of fell into a great deal on one, and though it wasn’t part of my original idea on how the bike should look, it is  after all just a tank, I can swap it to the stock one in fairly short order, should I want to. I didnt count on having to move the seat back 3 inches to clear the tank, (lest i risk damage to my “Gentleman Vegetables” when i hit a bump) but i actually like the seat better back a bit with the LOW bars! The Tank was made in England in the 1960’s by the Churchgate Company, and from what I understand is a rare sight here in the States. **Unfortunatly the guy I had bought it from said it had been epoxy lined, it had not! My lovely E10 michigan gasoline damaged it, It’s been sold.**

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Anke-Eve Loves Her Big Tank!

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7 thoughts on “Das Bike Projekt: Big Tank

  1. Hi Kirkus,

    a very nice tank for a very nice project. It is meant nearly a copy of the famous Heinrich (which is made of steel in most cases). The Churchgate is slimmer than the Heinrich and so looks a little more sporty. But the churchgate is polyester and you should be careful to fill it with modern fuels until you sealed it. On the picture above i think is Anke Eve Goldman with a Heinrich equipped R69 and a riding companion with a Hoske equipped one.

    Best regards


    • Yes, you have all your facts 100% correct, Axel!
      Yes I did read an article that our modern fuels, with their higher Ethanol content do do damage to the material that the Churchgate tank is made of. The previous owner has already epoxy sealed the inside of the tank, so I should have no problems using it!


  2. That tank looks great! So does your conversion. I’m considering adapting a large /5 tank on hand for my conversion. It won’t look as gracefull but looks stock to the untrained eye.


    • Thank You, Bill, Well as these bikes are like Hotrods, there really are no “rules” as to the parts you use. Mine has british, Italian and German parts!

  3. You definitely need to line that tank, especially if the bike is in California.

    I think the Churchgate Company made a large touring tank for Vincent motorbikes too. Also fiberglass.

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