Das Bike Projekt: Engine and Electrical Adventures.

Well while the heads were off to our friends at Capitol Cycle, I have pleanty of time to tear into the rest of the motor. I started to assess the electrical system and decided it just has to GO! So I marked where everything goes and started to pull the parts free. I’m good at electrical, but its still a MESS. And this will be even more so, grafting /2, and /5 bits all together and making them play nice.

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Das Bike Projekt: Begining the Tear-Down.

nothing out of place, or so i thought……….

So I have bought every book I could get my hand on, /2 books, /5 books…. read every web forum, every fan site, researched and researched, and then made plans about what i KNEW i needed to do and what ORDER to do things in, and began to order a few parts, so its’s time to start turning wrenches.

I had no spark, so I started looking at the coils.  After seeing the condition of these wires i decided to order a /2 main wireing harness, and a /5 Engine harness. I will have to mate the 2 together.  Then I decided to tackle the heads, and the guides that the previous owner said needed replacing. I even bought special tools to drive the old guides out, but once i found out the guides were different oversizes! I farmed the job out to Capitol Cycle. Smartest thing I have done so far!

The “BEFORE” head pictures. I started to to the guides myself, until i found out one side was drilled first oversize already.

one guide out, new guide fell THROUGH the hole! this head had been machined first oversize.

All done! Thank you Capitol Cycle!

All new springs and guides

All new Valves and Seats

Hardened seats, Unleaded fuel will not be a problem!

Next Chapter: Engine Teardown/Electrical Nightmare……



Das Bike Projekt: Delivery

The guy brought it up from ohio. A 1966 R69S with an R75 motor, as advertised. There were some other parts, some old tires and stuff that I didnt want that were missing, but it wasn’t anything I needed. He tried to sell me a used electronic ignition for the bike, but i didnt know what i was going to do with the ignition yet, and used aftermarket electronics scare me, so i declined. We sat and did the deal over at the secure-undisclosed workshop, he told me more about his career, and the fun he had when the bike ran, I picked his brain for every technical tidbit i could think of. The problems he remembered when he put the bike up in 1980 were bad brakes, slipping clutch, clunky transmission…. I looked over the parts in the boxes he brought and found a set of valve guides and asked why he bought those? “oh yea the top end was getting a little noisey”.  I found out he called the bike “Black Max”. Interesting stuff! So here is what it looked like on delivery day!

Up next: What do we find as we tear it apart?