Das Bike Projekt: Inspecting the Final Drive.

Well the deeper we get, the more we learn, right? SO, In a nutshell we have fluid leaking from the driveshaft tube into the final frive, then out of the final drive into the brake drum and onto the brake shoes. So I will buy the tools to blow apart the drive and replace some seals. Also we have an alignment issue. Remember that the earlier /2 bikes, and the later /5 bikes have very different frames. The motor looks like a bolt in, but it isnt. one issue we have is that the driveshaft is too short, so you either have to insert a spacer, or use the shaft from a later bike. I remember asking which method he used. I think i remember him saying he replaced the shaft. He did not. The input drive gear is heavily worn JUST on the front 1/3rd of the gear. So thats 2 more expensive parts i need to order, the gear, and the spacer.

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Anke-Eve does not have a leaky final drive!


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