Das Bike Projekt: What is Left to Do?

People keep asking me if the bike will be done by spring?

So I have sat down and made out a list of what, just off the top of my head, is left to do.

  1. Finish rebuilding Final drive *** completed 3-27-11 ***
  2. Finish wiring the neutral and brake switches and the feed wires to the tail light.***Done***
  3. Install new Rear Brake Linings.*** Done***
  4. Rebuild Rear Shock Absorbers*** completed 3-27-11 ***
  5. Replace the Rear Fender Wires*** completed 3-27-11 ***
  6. Lube splines and re-install Transmission*** completed 3-28-11 ***
  7. Install driveshaft spacer plate,*** completed 3-20-11 *** driveshaft and swingarm***Done***
  8. Do final swingarn adjustment ***Done***
  9. Grease swingarm ***Done***
  10. Take off front wheel, have new tires installed and wheels trued ***Done***
  11. Install final drive***Done***
  12. Install rear fender***Done***
  13. Install headstock bearings
  14. Install all Bowden Cables ***Done***
  15. Replace front Shocks ***Done***
  16. Pack bearings and Re-install wheels ***Done***
  17. Install fuel tank***Done***
  18. Finish solo seat mountings***Done***
  19. Install battery and test electrics***Done***
  20. Fill trans, driveshaft tube, Final Drive and Engine***Done***
  21. Set timing and carbs***Done***
  22. Set points***Done***
  23. Mount exhaust pipes***Done***
  24. Start engine***Done***
  25. re-set points and timing, and valves***Done***
  26. Go for my First ride!***Done*** 120 miles on her so far!

Simple? SURE!

I also need to put a new radiator and electric fans in the 1958 Station Wagon, and do a few things to the 1976 Motorhome to get it ready to sell… And I work 6 day weeks til mid april.

So….. Not likely I will be “done” when the weather gets warm, but I will be CLOSER!

Up Next https://kirkusblog.com/2011/03/01/das-bike-projekt-fine-drive-done/

Anke-eve is ready to ride!

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