5 thoughts on “Das Bike Projekt: carb tube won’t fit?

    • oh the trick to getting the carb on is sliding the boot back up ONTO the plastic tube as far as it will go, lining everything up, then sliding the boot back down….
      I think…..

  1. Well I am finding out that the carbs i have are Dellortos for a ’70’s HArley, that had a different mounting system than stock BMW, so yes, I will have to fab up a longer attaching hose. Also there is a longer inlet that screws into the head available, which might make it possible to keep the rubbers that i have. Which are actually a Ducatti part! I’m wrenching like mad on the BMW, because in a week it will be hammer-time getting the Avion ready for TCT!
    FrankenBike LIVES (almost!)

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