Das Bike Projekt: Accessory Time…

Now that the bike runs, I took a few minutes to bolt on some of the parts i had been waiting to install…

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Time to Ride!

Das Bike Projekt: On the Street!

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First time moving under Its own power since 1987!!

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Das Bike Projekt: It’s a MOTORcycle again!

Just a quick update, I rode the bike today for the first time…. about 100 feet, and inside the workshop, but it moved under it’s own power! It has not done that since i have owned it! more to follow!

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Das Bike Projekt: Final Little Details

Well what is left to do?

The bike now starts by just turning on the fuel tap and thumbing the starter, so to get it moving under its own power I just need to connect the neutral switch, install and adjust the clutch cable, and install and adjust the front brake cable.

And honestly that is it! Then i can put it under a load and tweak the timing and so-on.

So about an hour of work to make it potentially rideable! I do have a 1964 Avion trailer and a 1958 Ford Ranch Wagon also needing my attention, but i’m sure I can find that hour someplace!

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