Das Bike Projekt: Tear it Down

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Well I went to the shop and got the compression tester, AND the table lift!!

The test revealed 130PSI on one side and 100PSI on the other, so the engine has to come down, no point in fiddling with it with a 30% difference in compression.

Good thing i pulled it down because there is a spot of corrosion in the bore on one side, probably from the bikes long storage. So, to re-sleeve, re-ring and keep my Venolia pistons, or to get the power kit and swap them out, then offset the cost by selling the rare Reg Pridmore Kit on to a vintage racer that would love to have some old, unobtainable speed equipment? Decisions, Decisions…..

Up Next https://kirkusblog.com/2012/06/15/das-bike-projekt-engine-rebuild/

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