Well, What’s the Big News for 2015?


Well, after getting the Harley (yea, I know) the big news is that in December 2014 I got the news that my adventure with “The Shop, or The Studio, or The Building” the 4000 square foot industrial building where all the work on the BMW was done, and some work on the Wagon, and all the work on the Revcon, and the Avion, and a thousand small projects in between when I would need an Arbour Press, or a drill press, or a band saw, or an Anvil, or a massive overhead crane, was over! The building was sold, time to bug out, time to move the Avion back outdoors, and house the ’58 Station Wagon, and all 5 bikes in my 2 car garage.

Losing the work space and secure storage is painful, going from 4000 sq feet down to 4 square feet of workspace is tight, but worse is not having a refuge, a place where I can go to just be “off the grid”, drink cheap beer and whiskey, watch bad movies, hang out with my buddy Todd, and yes, even actually work on something.


SO, here is to The Shop, and to Todd for letting me share in the magic, and be the only other person to be granted a key to “Man Land” where the only rules where you had to have a shot of “shop” whiskey upon entering (the lesser known brands), and you never had to pick up your tools until you wanted to. It was a grand adventure.

The finest bottles of whiskey 6 bucks can buy a.k.a:"the lesser known brands"

The finest bottles of whiskey 6 bucks can buy a.k.a:”the lesser known brands”

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