Turning Japanese, I really KNOW so!

In late February I learned that dangerous things happen when you have drinks with friends who have more Motorcycles than you do, and you have ebay installed on your smartphone! the result? A Honda CL450 added to the stable for a few months. It went back up on ebay before I lost my mind again and bought the Enfield.

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My new 1972 Honda CL450! Andrew and I went to pick it up, the ebay description said runs and shifts, it should have said runs and shifts on the centerstand!  Took just 2 Months of spare time to sort it out…

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Anyway here she is after some more money, and hours,20130430_185153 20130430_184129 20130430_183941 20130429_081733 20130427_133127 20130427_133115 20130427_133104 20130427_132830 20130427_132817 20130427_132757 20130415_081312 and blood…


Das Bike Projekt: Motor Assembly oh so close….

Carbs and tank are on

Left to do:

Clean up tools

Put on Exhaust

check valve lash

put on valve covers

change jets

check for spark

add 1 gallon of gas

check oil

MY idol, Professor FATE!

push the button MAX!

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Das Bike Projekt: Motor Assembly Cont.

99 degrees in the garage, but i did last 2 1/2 hours and got a little done! Up Next https://kirkusblog.com/2012/06/22/das-bike-projekt-motor-assembly-oh-so-close/

Das Bike Projekt: Engine Rebuild

82mm = 746cc… 87mm = 839cc… 97mm = 1044cc

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Das Bike Projekt: Back on Track

I started pulling the bike back down, I Tightened the loose timing chest. If I  forgot to torque it, or the gasket compressed over time, I do not know. Next step is do the compression test, check timing and valves, and have a go at the carbs.

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Das Bike: Current State of Things…

Waiting for a warm day…….

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Old MotoPhotos!

Too cold, and my back is too twisted to work in the garage this week, so enjoy some old MotoPhotos!

Das Bike: Long Overdue Update!

ImageWell the bike has about 150 miles on it now, but as the summer wore on it got a little cranky, not wanting to rev over 4K. I have put a Uli Electronic ignition in it, but its still rubbish as far as running strong. More tinkering with the Dellortos in my future i suspect!

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mDas Bike Projekt: Final Fettling

Things are good with the bike. Timing it with the light seems to be impossible so i did it “by ear” a couple if times, first setting was too retarded (as in the opposite of advanced), second setting works awesome when the bike is hot, but is too much advance for an easy cold start. So a setting in the middle should make it happy, hopefully get to that this week. ALso I think the idle jet may be too rich, because now when i use the enriching lever it just floods the bike out. So, minor adjustments, but it runs and stops, and steers, kinda. The friction disk for the steering damper has shattered so there’s no damping at present, i will have to order another set of disks and rivets, might as well do the headstock bearings while im in there, but that means taking the front all apart again, so i may wait for the first snow to fly before i do that. No new pictures, so why don’t we all admire Anke-Eve Goldman, instead?

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Anke-Eve Goldman, packing for some fall Touring

Das Bike Projekt: Mark II (I hope you like our new direction)

Well the new Omega alternator is in place, as is the /6 front cover (for better cooling) An all new engine harness, and a steel gas tank. I decided to leave the seat spaced back, I like the riding position better…

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