Das Bike Projekt: Mark II (I hope you like our new direction)

Well the new Omega alternator is in place, as is the /6 front cover (for better cooling) An all new engine harness, and a steel gas tank. I decided to leave the seat spaced back, I like the riding position better…

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Das Bike Projekt: Accessory Time…

Now that the bike runs, I took a few minutes to bolt on some of the parts i had been waiting to install…

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Time to Ride!

Das Bike Projekt: On the Street!

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First time moving under Its own power since 1987!!

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Das Bike Projekt: It’s a MOTORcycle again!

Just a quick update, I rode the bike today for the first time…. about 100 feet, and inside the workshop, but it moved under it’s own power! It has not done that since i have owned it! more to follow!

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