Route 6 Day Eleven

June 13th, Happy 12th Anniversary to Beth and Me! Diane made us Breakfast and We made Biscuits and Gravy in the MoHo.

Breakfast of Champions

Our Friends were there, in spirit! MMMMMMM! GRAVY!

 Open House at Conneaut Lake. Rain early on, but it cleared later. They had a MDA bike run that ended up at the Park, so that gave us a few more attendees. 

A pretty spot on the lake.

We just plugged into the Toboggan ride!

We wanted to try some rides, the bumper cars especially, we asked a helpful Carny what time the rides open, “what time is it now?” he replied. We told him it was noon, and asked him again what time things open. “what time is it now?” He AGAIN replied. Eventually he said they opened at 1PM, the same time our openhouse started. We asked another carnival worker what time they closed, and she said “9:30 or 10” so we thought we had lots of time later.

But not so! everything closed at 6, so we explored and made our own fun, but didn’t get on any REAL rides!

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