Adventures in Morganeering: Australian Reversing Lamp.

When a new 3 Wheeler ships to the U.S. from the factory, it comes with a European “Fog Lamp”. Now in America, a fog light is a yellow or clear light, facing forward, but across the pond it is a super bright RED light facing Backward!


The first time Beth and I tried to back into a parking space at night we realized just how much we needed a proper backup light. Red is one of the colors you have more difficulty seeing as you get a bit older….

Looking at the Morgan Parts book I noticed that the Australian specification car has just the clear light I needed.


First I had to remove the allens that hold the rear package tray in place to give me access to the rear wheel area.


The rear splash guard that protects the wiring at the rear is one complex piece of aluminum, 8 Phillips woods screws secure it.


Now we can access the wiring, and the plate to which the Fog Lamp is secured.



Next we disconnect the wiring connector, remove 4 more wood screws, and the mounting bracket is free.


Note the big heat sink at the back of the reversing lamp housing.  And the way that Morgan machines the counter-sinks into the mounting bracket? The same way I would do it at home.


The new lamp comes with the proper spade connectors to insert into the existing plug, A bit of fiddling and the old ones are out and the new ones in, for a complete factory installed appearance.




A few wire ties to bundle everything up snugly, then re-assemble.


2 hours and 14 wood screws later and success!

Here is the result!20170506_17583220170506_17583720170506_204607

Das Bike Projekt: Color Me Conflicted.

Hi folks, long time no blog!

Something interesting happened this week. And it happens every couple of years. After not thinking much about the BMW for a while (I just finished my work busy season, which coincides with the lovely grey Michigan winter) I received a message on Ebay from a pleasant gentleman who asked if the BMW was still for sale, referencing the ad I had posted two years ago.

I told him that I had not really been thinking about it, and the last ad had not met my reserve, but that I would take some fresh photos for him, and add up my receipts to try and come up with a price.

And then this happened…. The bike had sat all winter, I put air in the tires and well…

Now I’m conflicted.

I mean it starting like that, even better than my newer fuel-injected toys,  is no accident, its the result of 6 years of work, and a hot coil, and an electronic ignition, and endless fiddling with Italian carburetors.

Can I put a dollar value on that, even if I don’t ride it enough? To gain what? A wider driveway and a new fence in the backyard?


Rational brain, emotional brain…

Eros VS. Thantos … (Google that one)


John A. Prestwich Special

Beth and I decided to kind of “Go Dark” on the whole Morgan thing until the car was delivered. That was supposed to be at the end of May. The last minute changes, us ordering all those options from the Geneva Show Car, resulted in some extra waiting, since many of those options had yet to be prototyped.  Morgan and our dealer did their best to keep us informed, as nervous “parents” we were probably pests as the nice summer driving days ticked by. But we do have the first production car with the new 2016 options.

Here are some photos of the Geneva car.

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If you notice, it looks more GREEN then the Factory photos that were leaked the week before?

So, knowing what we wanted we contacted our dealer, who contacted Morgan who gave him the specs. The Prototype is Rolls-Royce Heather. Beth and I went to every Brand of car dealer we could fit into a Sunday, and after many photos and discussions decided that Mercedes-Benz Palladium Silver was the closest color to the one we thought we saw in those factory photos.


The finalized specification was:


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your order , 3 Wheeler – Standard, chassis number x, for Kirk x.

The specification for the car is now finalized.

Your car is scheduled to go into build in week ’16-19.

Please be reminded that payment in full is required before the car is dispatched.


3 Wheeler – Standard (LHD) (MPH)

Quilted Leather Stitching – Square

Polished brass hex wheel centre caps

Rear mudguard

Radiator cowl with screw cap

AERO RACING Jap rocker and crank covers in black

AERO RACING New dashboard arrangement – Tawny

AERO RACING Blockley square cut wheels and tyres

AERO RACING Headlight mesh

AERO RACING Vintage bonnet catches

AERO RACING Full Morgan windscreen

Under bonnet storage box

Cream Bakelite Brooklands steering wheel

Body coloured wheels

Air cleaner in brass

Bonnet louvres

Centre split leather seats

Brass headlamp rims

Pin stripe graphics

Waterproof Leather – XT Saddle Brown

Welcome pack book and DVD

Paint (please include description and paint code)(Any non-standard solid or metallic from our comprehensive range of colours) – 792/9792 Mercedes Palladium Silver (6HYBB)

Black exhaust heat shields

Exhaust Wrap

Tonneau Mohair – Black

Photo build book

Heated seats

Leather storage pockets

ROW specification admin charge – USA

***Email Confirmation – Sent***

Kind Regards,

Morgan Group

So that meant week 19 of 2016 the car would be started, coincidentally, on my Birthday, then 3-4 weeks in build, then 3-4 weeks to ship it. Estimated Delivery: End of June, Coincidentally around Beth’s Birthday!

I wont bore you with the delays, there were issues getting the graphics, and windshield, and instrument panel, and rear fender right, and some slippage of the schedule. At one point, a couple months before the car was finished, Morgan even told me it was completed and awaiting my payment. I got a lot of emails from my dealer, I begged every friend and forum member going anywhere near the factory to send me build photos. Some were even taken by major people in the Morgan organization as they tried to figure out where in the process we were. See as we go from painted body, though 3 sets of graphics, prototype parts, right though Pre-Delivery Inspection, and then Shipping!

I took the day off of work on Delivery day, and took my first-ever UBER ride to pick the car up, Beth met me at the dealership on her lunch hour.




So, that takes us from Ordering to Delivery!

Watch this space for more Action, Activities, and Adventures to come!